The next meeting. 8th Feb. 2022

 Sadly it was decided to cancel January's meeting due to Covid.

The next one is scheduled for Tuesday 8th February in the Nog Inn.

The 105th Meeting

Five of us attended last night’s meeting where we enjoyed mince pies and macaroons brought along by Lionel [many thanks to his wife for making them for us] and had nearly two hours chat about numerous things historical [I was too busy eating the macaroons to make a note of the subjects, but they were very diverse]. See below:

We discussed marriage laws and bigamy, the industrial revolution, Toll roads and acts of parliament relating to them.  Alan had a passage about Bishop Grandisson of Exeter and his origins.  The 1939 Register and the 1921 census being released next year.

The next meeting [subject to there being no changes in being able to have meetings] will be on 

TUESDAY January 11th 8pm at the Nog Inn.

Wishing all a Happy Christmas

First meeting after Lock down . The 104th meeting

Five of us turned up last night to get the group started again and had a good hour and a half discussing a wide variety of subjects [Bishops, Cathedrals, Walking old Railway Lines, Schools, Chapels, Yule Logs, Marriages, Family History, Railway staff, Fenny Bridges Mill, Knightstone Manor, and Sherwood Farm were amongst the various topics].

Many thanks to Mike for opening the pub especially for us as I had forgotten when I booked the date that the pub no longer opens on Thursdays.  So those present took a decision that future meetings would be on the second Tuesday of each month. So the next meeting is booked for December 14th  at 8pm with the possibility of home made mince pies.
Hope to see as many of you as can make it and perhaps widen the topic range even further.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.


The Group is back after Covid

You will be please to know [or may not] that I have arranged for us to use the normal venue at the Nog Inn for a meeting on Thursday November 11th at 8pm.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.


A Note from Dr. Todd Gray

A message from Todd Gray for everyone - hope you are all keeping well, 

Good morning, Would it be possible to draw to the attention of the
society’s members (by email or on your website?) the following two

Thank you, Todd

Dr Todd Gray is currently broadcasting 15 minute pieces on aspects of
Devon history every weekday on BBC Radio Devon at 1.10pm.  These will
run through June, and possibly July, and while all of our societies have
stopped meeting for lectures these are meant to help alleviate the sense
of isolation some of us are feeling.

The Devon & Cornwall Record Society is sponsoring a series of daily
blogs by our leading heritage specialists (historians, archivists,
archaeologists, librarians, writers and curators) in Devon and Cornwall
on how life in quarantine has made them reevaluate history.  These are
running through June and July and can be found on the society’s
Facebook page.  The society exists to publish original documentary
material and this year’s volume is a facsimile reproduction of
Devon’s only woollen cloth collection - from the 1760s.  It comes free
with this year’s membership (at £16.50) or on publication later this
year (at £30).  Details can be found on our website.

VE Day 8 May 1945 to 8 May 2020 --- 75 Years

I have been trying to glean notes on this day relating to the mood of the village.

I imagine the news would have reached the rural areas by wireless. Speeches from the King and the Prime Minister were broadcast.

There must have been a mixture of joy and sadness for the families who had lost loved ones and many were still fighting abroad.

The newspaper of the day gave the two reports:

  Feniton had lost four of its sons.
 The men are commemorated on a stained glass window in Feniton Church.

Gordon Channon
Sgt Air Gunner
Paul Clifford
Flt Lt
Ernest Lovering
Petty Officer Regulating
Frederick Woodly
Cadet (Radio)

Today the country is in lockdown due to the Corvid - 19 so the villagers marked the day by having  a cream in their front gardens, keeping the prescribed 2 meters distance.  A Willey's Jeep was driven through the village, a vehicle well know in the day.

Our Daughter in Law and Grandsons sent over a lovely VE Day tea.

The children are not at school due the virus, doing their school work remotely. William has made this wonderful model to mark VE Day with a Spitfire flying over the White Cliffs of Dover.