The 19th meeting on 21st Apr 2011 at the Nog Inn

Another lively meeting!

We discussed our plans for the Malherbe Talk. Brenda and Chris to man the table at the door. David will be the MC. There will be a room raffle, prizes please, Bill has donated a beautiful wooden platter, many thanks Bill, proceeds to the Church.Tea, Coffee, juice and biscuits to be severed after the talk.

I will be in the Church 10:00 am on Tues. 3rd May to set up a display, on a medieval theme!! I will try a get some early maps, the Malherbe family tree, the Rectors list, heraldry, and anything you might like to bring along! Difficult period to illustrate.

I became rather excited about early brick making in the village, and from the notes in the Yates files it can be assumed that Sit George Cary was having them made at Colesworthy. I need to do a bit more work on this before I write it up. Alan mentioned the same prefix to Colestock House as Colesworthy, so will explore this.

This was followed by a discussion on various holes to be found the area where brick clay could have been dug. Brian told us about the aggregate from Rockbeare which is thought to be of the finest quality for bridge building. Brian and Maggie also mentioned a “Dark Hole” in a field off Rutts Lane, Alan knows this as the “Old Cattle Yard”.

Very pleased to report that the “Union Chapel” sign is now in the care of the Group. Brian has very kindly offered to look at it with a view to prevent it rotting any further. Thank you Brian.

Alan gave us another wonderful set of dialect saying, he had us all laughing. The best one being the wartime submarine travelling up the River Tale to Luppitt  Harbour.  Thank you Alan. Also cream teas, what goes on the scone first, the jam or the cream?? We also recalled the shops in the village as we will be losing the post office in June when Denise retires. There are plans in mind that it could be in the church.

Maggie mentioned oral history to record the old dialects. This link to the BBC site is an example of this:

Dates of next meetings:
Honiton Museum Tues.26th April 2011 at 10:00 
The Nog Inn Thurs. 26th May 2011 at 8 pm