Feniton History Group held the 57 th meeting

We had a jolly good natter covering a wide range of topics.

The detail of the Patteson Display was sorted. I hope you can come to the farm on  Thursday 19th at 2:30 pm. We put the display up  on the Mon 23rd 2:30 in the church.

There is a talk on the 25th and a walk from Feniton to Alfington with a bring & share picnic on the Sunday. Katie Drew of the Melanesian Mission is the organiser. .25th Mar  160 years ago Patteson left the village for Melanesia. I have to thank Chris Saunders for his wonderful Patteson file we can use to choose from to enhance the display. I have not used his original documents, but scanned in and printed them.

The other outstanding project is the boundary stone, since the meeting we have been offered  a grant of £50.00 from Feniton Parish Council and I understand that another £50.00 has been offered by Ottery Heritage. On Thursday we can discuss the actual site for the stone.

Chris Wakefield is kindly leading a talk on the Boundary in the church on Thursday 30th Apr. 7:30 pm. The Beating of the bounds is on 10th May.

Jo Chown and  Jill Walker have been advised on how to repair the Church Cope .It would seem to date from the late 19th century. Rev.  William Hart in post 1899 to 1918  or  George Barons Northcote 1869 to 1899,  could have left it in the Church.

.Alice Eveleigh was born 1881 in Ottery St. Mary, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth Eveleigh, I have not found her death.  Her memorial label remains a mystery.

 Sadly we have not had a good response on Old house names in the village. Val's house was Mylea, Myreen, 1926  or so. The other properties in the same road all ended in "lea". Appletrees  was once Bricklands,  Skinners Cottage. The field behind Nog Inn was also  called Bricklands, sadly the deeds for this property are lost.

Movement of families, work skills and Devon's step valleys!  Also William Morris fabrics.

Next meeting in the Nog Inn is booked for 2nd April at 8 pm.

Update: The placing of the boundary stone has been confirmed by the land owner, and the order has been placed with the stonemason. Many thanks to the organisations involved for making this possible.