Feniton History Group held the 74th meeting in the Nog Inn

I am very pleased to report that Feniton Parish Council have kindly re-erected the boundary stone with cement.

We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Roger about his family and the history of Ottery. Roger has his family bible with the list of births, dates and death, they have very deep roots in the area. Roger asked about the Battle of Fenny Bridges, where were all the bodies buried after the battle?  Approximately 300 men died from each side. Perhaps in Ottery?

Alan mentioned he has been reading the book “Ottery St Mary” by John Whitman,  an interesting book, I have a copy here and will bring it to the next meeting.

Jenny has been working on the History of the cottage known as “Prince James’ Lodge”. It is a delightful mixture of facts and local history woven in with some conjecture. Will the truth ever be found? if so Jenny will work it out!!!

Jenny brought some fascinating articles for us to peruse, a “Finger Bible” very small and neat, perhaps to fit in a glove to take to church on Sunday? Also a silver coin engraved with the name Isabella Lawes dated 1813 and  a deed dated 1628, a charter for land at Fenny Bridges. It is stiff and folded, some of the names are readable, Sir John Symes of Somerset, he married into the Horner family, related to the nursey rhyme, “Little Jack Horner”.  Sir Nicholas Symes of Exeter, who married one of Jenny’s ancestors, Dorothy Horsey.  

George has been studying the 39 Articles of Faith and dissenters and non-conformists who believe there should be only one head of the church, not Bishops. 

George love long walks at told us about the Bridgwater and Tiverton Canal to Star Cross, and mentioned the Two Counties Way.

Alan is continuing his quest to find the route Bishop Patteson took when he departed Feniton. Due to time constraint, I have not yet written this up, so when it is done I will share it with you and on the blog. Sorry Alan.

Looking ahead to next year, it has been suggested that we invite the following people to share their interests with the Group: Jim Woodley, WW1 in Ottery, David on the Church Graffiti, Graeme on his local finds.

We also would like to have a Rogation walk.  This takes place on the 21 May 2017, the Fifth Sunday after Easter. Suggestions of a suitable route would be welcome.

The Parish Council are applying for grants to restore and renovate the Lych Gate. So, 2018 might be a good year to mark this and perhaps have a History Weekend in the Village?

I want to take this opportunity to wish you  all a Very Happy Christmas and all the Very Best for 2017. Looking forward to the next meeting Thurs 5th Jan 2017 in the Nog Inn. I also pass these wishes to Mike and Rosemary at the Nog for making us so welcome each month.

Chris Gibbins.