Feniton History Group held the 54th Meeting

We pass on our best wishes to Bob and Geoff, who are not in the best of health at this time. Get well soon.

It was wonderful to see you all on such a stormy night. 

Sophie asked the Group to help with a badge for her Brownies called Local Culture where you live. The Group will be pleased to help, and Sophie will take our suggestions to the girls for them to choose a subject. 

Bill's wonderful carving a WW1 soldier, was very well received, I know I found it very poignant. It was a special moment when I places on the window ledge in the church.

David asked us about Miss Eveleigh, she ran a small shop in Westbourne Villas, here at Colesworthy. This was in living memory of Alan and I know my husband would have run errands there for his mum. Alice was daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Eveleigh. Born about 1881 in Ottery St. Mary. David had found a small plaque in the vestry, "in Memory of Alice Eveleigh", this must mean something was placed in the church in her memory, but no one knows what it was. We would love to find out was this would have been.

Book publishing, we spoke to various history societies and booksellers at the Devon AGMs attended by our Group. Due to our lack of capital and funding it has been suggested we use "Lulu". George has taken a look at this and is keen to get started, he needs some material to experiment with, so please drop him a file or two to see who the website works. We will also need proof readers and writers to put notes into a readable form, along with maps and photos, bearing in mind the copyright laws.


In October we had a very useful afternoon at the farm with various websites and genealogy programs. I have planned another at 2:30 pm on 27th November. 

It was very useful to visit the AGMs of Devon History Society and Devon Family History Society. It was a pleasure to meet old friends and shake the hands of folk I only know from the web and emails. Our WW1 display was well received. 

The boundary stone is still up for discussion. 

Four of our Group met in Exeter to hear Mark Stoyle's lecture on the Prayer Book Rebellion. He was an excellent speaker. I noticed Jenny was making many notes on the subject. George spoke up at question time to bring our local battle at Fenny Bridges to the attention of the audience! A lively discussion followed.

The WW1 coffee morning was wonderful, it was very well attended with some 50 people in the church at one point. Many thanks to Brenda, Pam and Roger White for making up wartime recipes, the cakes were very tasty considering the lack of ingredients at the time of the War. The donations on the day came to £146, so half of this to the Church and half to the Poppy Appeal. I also must thank you for all your help on the day. 

I feel we have had a very successful autumn and done the memory of our village and villagers in WW1 proud.
We will remember them.

 Next meeting in the Nog Inn 8pm Thurs 4th Dec.