Feniton History Group 27th Meeting

Feniton History Group held the 27th meeting at the Nog Inn on the 9th Feb. 2012
We discussed the events we are involved with:
Invite to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum 29th Feb 2012.

The Nog Inn meeting on 8th Mar 2012.   Since the meeting I have been in touch with Philippe Panel and he will be coming to talk to us.

The DRO event 17th March. We will be taking a display board to  display the railway, War Memorial, and  the church. Jenny and Allan’s books will be on display, I will ask Rosemarie if we can loan her Scrapbook. My laptop will be there to show any files folk may ask about, and anything else the Group would like to put out.

David then told us about his research of the Church and the finding of a brick structure underground at the side of the wall with Feniton Court, intriguing as to its purpose, a vault, or a septic tank!!!  The brick size is smaller than the ones made in the village in 1599!!!

The low height of the door into the side porch was discussed, could be due to cost, or the fact folk were shorter in those days. David passed around his folder of notes and the idea of publishing it was mentioned.

David asked us to follow up on who Thomas Denys was, was he  a “Sir”, it turns out he was, and more about him can be found on the internet. Thank you Maggie for doing this.

In the Church there is a memorial to the Wright family of Curscombe, I have no knowledge of them, so this something we can work on. The Wright family still in the area at Talewater.

The last unidentified coat of arms on the screen behind the pulpit is that of the Acland Family, and not Clifford as first thought. We did not think to check the Aclands as they were a later family, coming to Feniton in 1925/6.

Next Alan entertained us with his dialect snippets, teacher asks boy in class, “ If you have 50 sheep in the field and one escapes, how many would there be left? Boy speaks up, “Well maister, there be none, if they be anthin like ower sheep once one goes them all goes”.

The use of the letter “H” was discussed, some drop them, others add them. All very interesting. Many thanks Alan.