Feniton History Group 24th Meeting

Lady Dionne Palmer addressed the Group to ask for help in staging an Art Fund Event in the village on the 13/14 June 2012. She has asked us to put up a display of the history of Court Barton Farmhouse, the village and a short presentation on the Prayer Book Rebellion. David is also involved doing a talk on the church.

The Group have accepted the challenge! Money raised by the Art Fund enables art work to be purchased so that it can stay in the UK. The fund has purchased Honiton Lace for the Honiton Museum and this will be on display. Over the coming months we will need to put our thinking caps on, George has kindly offered to help with an oral talk, should we need someone used to public speaking. Brenda suggested a guided tour around the old village.

The work of Cotswold Archaeology  on Camp Field was discussed. We have been given custody of a box of horse bones, some flint tools and a metal shoe, some think it could be from an Oxen. Our appreciation of this goes to Val Stringer for arranging the donation of this to the Group.  This link gives details of shoes found by metal detectorists;

The one on the left in from Camp Field, the other being from my own bits and bobs.

Cliff has also found a flint tool on his walks and that is also in our collection. Thank you Cliff.

David has found a reference to there being a Church House in Feniton, and the Yates papers also confirm this. This website gives more on the subject and some illustrations of  this type of building.

David has also been able to confirm that the cadaver tomb was moved around the church. It was in its current position. by 1877.

Remembrance Sunday on 13th Nov. will see the dedication of the WW1 roll of honour, carved by Bill. To mark the occasion we will put up a display of what we know of the men who lost their lives and incorporate this with the RBL Poppy Appeal. 

I will set this up on Monday the 31st Oct. at 2:30 pm.

I did offer my resignation should anyone else want the coordinator’s post, but there were no takers!!!!

Alan closed the meeting with more of his lovely Devon Dialect says, “well us all be preddy vitty”. Thank you  Alan.

Then a general rant about the failing of modern day politics rounded the evening off!!

Remembrance Sunday