Feniton History Group held the 56th Meeting

We had some good discussion until about 9.30pm 
We decided not to spend any time researching the Baker's monument as it is in Whimple parish and probably the Whimple Heritage Group have information on it. (I have contacted Whimple, awaiting a reply)
We are going to try and find out a bit about Alice Eveleigh - date of death etc as David still has had no feedback from anyone regarding the plaque in the Church.
No-one replied to a request for old house names but Bill suggested we try to find the oldest houses in Feniton through the magazine - does anyone know how old their house is? I have spoken to the owner of Apple Trees, sadly he has no idea about the age of the house, he does not have any deeds.
Brenda is going to write a piece for the magazine on 'Where did John Patteson catch the coach when he left for Melanesia? - based mainly on David's notes - as the Church will be marking the 160th anniversary in March.
David asked for help needed for the Patteson display. perhaps we could chat about this and involve Geoff.  It was confirmed and welcomed that the History Group can put on a Patteson display and Katie Drew will try and get some other items
We discussed the state of roads and transport at that time. Alan said the road from Ottery to Fairmile was poor and that a coach from Sidmouth to Cullompton would have used the Gosford route.
 Brenda and David.
Many thanks to the Group for carrying on in my absence.
I will arrange a meeting at the farm to sort out the Bishop Patterson display towards the end of the month.
Next meeting 5 March in the Nog Inn.