Feniton History Group held the 61st meeting in the Nog Inn

We had a good old natter, as usual, though I think talked too much!! 

George has spoken to an author who would be able to do a book talk for us relating to the  plane that crashed near Tipton St. John in July 1980. 

The very interesting evening with Colin Harris raised £108 for the Church. His book is a wonderful mix of Devon yarns. It is on sale in the Church.  

The boundary stone. The parish council are keen to use this part of the village history as an   important factor in the Neighbourhood Plan, so the placing of the boundary stone is important. Now the time has slipped away I think the October date is lost, the Group agreed to aim for Rogation Sunday 2016 which is Sunday 1st May.  

Brenda  and Chris Saunders have  attended a School Seminar organised by Devon History Society  to mark the 50th anniversary of Devon schools. Brenda is now looking for primary sources of documents relating to out schools.  

Geoff mentioned a railway exhibition where there was a display on Treacle mines, and   Talaton Toothpaste Quarry, I cannot glean anything new on this, love to hear from anyone who knows more, perhaps it was exported Luppitt Harbour!!! Remains of Roman baths in Talaton was also mentioned. 

Our ongoing research into local roads raised the name Oakenhay Street, Old British Road,  it is thought that the  old roman road ran under the footings of the  Fenny  Bridges Hotel, now a private house.  

Through the Devon History Society, I have  been asked to take part in a project to document WW1 farming in the village , need to find market reports details of  food rationing and how crops were marketed and managed. Looking forward to talking this. 

Chris Saunders raised the poor condition of Pattesons Cross, and how best to find an owner, or who is responsible for the upkeep. It would be a great loss if the decay was not halted. It was demolished in a road accident in 1981. George has kindly offered to liaise with Chris and Ottery Heritage on this. 

We also discussed book marketing, when do you stop researching and David told us that deeds and documents have been handed to him by Barclays Bank, We look forward to hearing more about these. 

Next meeting 5th November.