The Acland Film Showing

 The Cine Star Archive film evening on 8th Oct. 2013 was a joy, it went so well, Paul Dibbens and his family were so warm and friendly and helpful, they loved the setting in the church and to be showing the film in the village where a lot of it was filmed was perfect.  There must have been well over a 100 guests, the catering worked out well, enough left over so as we did not look stingy! We raised £200 for the church.

The old film was very nearly lost, after a clear out, only to be found by the late Eric Yates who had heard about Paul Dibbens and passed the film to him. Paul's wife Elaine spent many years searching for the location and family. Their efforts and dedication came to fruition with the showing in the village.

It showed life here in the 1930s, haymaking, out and about in the village itself and the Acland family at home and abroad in the Sudan, training the troops on Exmoor and the young sons training their ponies in the fields around Feniton. Playing Tennis and cricket. John Bishop, a local retired farmer, remembers playing in the  cricket team with Sir Anthony, there was Mr Hapgood the head garden wearing his bowler hat, and Jo Chown also glimpsed members of her family in the lane to Curscombe. It is thought one of the ladies making jam was Gertrude Gibbins, my husband's grandmother, in her flowered overall!

It was amazing, Sir Anthony Acland , son of the old Brig, came, he had not seen the film since the 1940s and he told us the background to the film scenes, just wonderful.

The Cine Star Archive  is going to edit the film picking out the bits filmed in the village and he will make the available on his website and for free download.

Paul and Elaine's son Ricky has made stills from the film and these are shown on the website and available to purchase.

I want to thank everyone who came on the night making it such a success Also. Many thanks go to the Group members for all their help and support, in front of house and in the kitchen. 

I also need to offer thanks the East Devon AONB for donating the 50th Anniversary Books, showing how Brigadier Acland worked to get the AONB recognition in the 1950s.

Chris Gibbins.