St Andrew's Church Organ

Thought this set of photos showing the dismantling of the old organ may be of interest.

Had a email from a chap researching organs and he passed on this.

Many thanks to Mr Geoffrey Cox for permission to share this with you.

Feniton History Group 26th Meeting

This was a good get together to confirm arrangements for the year ahead.

It was decided that the East Devon AONB request for help in an Orchard Survey was far too detailed and too complicated for our small group to undertake.

The meeting  gave full support  to the possibility of a Craft  and Hobbies Weekend  in the Church, but  felt it was not in our remit to organize.
The Group will be attending the Devon Record Office Open Day on 17th March 2012. Brenda, Geoff, Maggie and myself will attend, taking down one of our display boards, with each of us bringing items of our own Feniton research to display. The farm history, the Station, the Nog Inn, the pew ends, the War MIs etc.

The details of the Arts Fund Event in June was also confirmed.

It was thought to try and arrange an evening in the Church with John-Michael Kennaway talking about Escot, a date will need to be fixed for this.

David mentioned that an Organ Concert will be held in the Church on 24 Feb 2012.

It was decided to adjourn the meetings in Honiton Museum until the opening for the new season.

The business having been dealt with Brenda told us about her research into the History of the Greyhound Hotel at Fenny Bridges, the naming coming from the badge worn by the King’s Messengers, dating back to the reign of Charles II. It is said that the Inn is mentioned in the Domesday Book, but I have not found this in the online editions!

A discussion of drawing up family trees in the 21st C ensued, and how difficult this would be with the modern family groups we have today. Also how some children, although born in a marriage was not accepted by the vicar, who baptised them as base born due to the widowed father marrying his dead wife’s sister. I gave an example of this in one my own families on the Isle of Wight, and I can confirm that folk who are born and bred on the Island are “Caulkheads”. In the same way as “Devonshire Dumplings” and “Hampshire Hogs”.

David told us about the book he is reading “A Devonshire Gentleman”, relating to the Carew family, one of whom married into the Feniton Kirkham family. 

The next meeting will be in the Nog Inn on Thurs. 9th Feb 2012.