Feniton History Group held the 62nd meeting in the Nog Inn

As usual we covered a wide range of topics.

It being the 5th November the strange tradition of the Tar Barrels was mentioned.
More details here:

Also Hatherleigh has a similar event:

Alan remembers traveling to Ottery Carnival on his NSU Scooter.

Another fire event is the Ashen Faggott,

On their return from the Devon History Society lecture by Mark Stoyle on 'The South Western Rebellion of 1549 Revisited'. George and Jenny were chuffed to tell us about some metal detecting finds including Bodkins.

The Rev. Blackstone says the Devon rebellion 1549 was caused the  Cornish came to Fenny Bridges.

 I recalled the local agent, the late Geoffrey Whitton, and his son’s called Wakefield a surname from the female line.

Geoffrey and his father looked after the Feniton Court Estate and many local farmers affairs. They would ride out from Exeter on horseback in the early days.

We nattered about Quakers in Devon, they were not allowed to go to university,  so set up in trade. Hence Frys and Cadburys the confectioners.

There are nonconformist graves in the Exeter Catacombs, less persecution followed the act of Settlement in 1701.
 The work of the Landmark Trust building restoration relating to recent TV series

We are organising a talk by the author Jim Rider on the airliner crash near Tipton St John.

I hope I have remembered everything correctly.