Feniton History Group 29th Meeting

Feniton History Group held the 29th meeting at the Nog Inn on the 12th Apr. 2012

Sadly this turned out to be another business meeting!

We discussed the possibility of arranging some fund raisers with a talk  by JM Kennaway on Escot, a vintage film show in the village hall with footage taken by the Aclands of village life and to invite Chris Wakefield of Ottery Heritage to do a talk on parish boundaries.

We then put our thoughts on how to help with the Art Fund Event taking place  13/14 June in Court Baton and the Church. Jenny and George will work on the Fenny Bridges Battle. David is doing a piece on the Church, and anyone who can help  with knowledge of Court Barton, using the census and maps etc.

David is consolidating the work on the pew carvings, the layout of the church is misaligned and the screen is not an original made for the church.

Brenda, Frances and John kindly went to the school and spoke to Tina Casson's class on village history, it seems notes from the punishment book were a great hit!

We are invited to meet with Lady Dionne in the church to discuss the plans for the Art Fund on Thurs. 26th Apr. at 2:00 pm, followed by tea at Court Barton.

The next meeting will be in the Nog Inn 8pm on 10th May , Please bring along snippets and thoughts for discussion.