The 21st meeting at the Nog Inn on 23rd June 2011

The Nog Inn hosted us for a very good chin wag over a pint! That pint was the undoing of me, I think!!!! Losing my notes and being rather muddled.

Bill informed us he is ready to carve the names of the WW1 soldiers, the lych gate is their memorial but does not carry any names, thanks to Bill this omission will be put right. David and Geoff have researched the names and, I hope Bill now has the list to enable him to start.

Graeme Smith has confirmed he will join us in The Nog for a talk on his metal detecting finds, he has chosen the 15th Sept 2011 at 8:00pm.

We had discussions on local brick making, Miller and Lilley closed the Talewater yard in 1919, and the Ottery Brickworks tried to purchase it. M & L had depots at Feniton, Whimple and Ottery. There are some 20 fields in  the Ottery area known as Brickfields. Thanks to Chris for theses snippets.

Brenda told us about the duel between Murry and Stares in 1814, then illegal in this country. We wait to hear more as Brenda’s research progresses. The Murry family were school teachers in Thorn Cottage.

The history of Feniton House was a query in an email from John Lewis of New Zealand. I am working on this, along with Feniton Court. Will have more to tell when we next meet.

The origins of the name of Spence Cross, this was the name used before the cross road was named after Bishop Patteson and the monument erected. The land owner in area of the cross roads on the tithe map was W. Warren. So we have a task here to see if more can be gleaned. I had an email asking about the Spence and Patteson family, David is looking into this.

Jenny has written a book on the Prayer Book Rebellion, copies are on sale in the Church.
Pam has asked to see the tithe maps to look at the land owned by the parish. I will bring these along to the next meeting.

Alan had us all laughing with his dialect sayings, “dashels”, meaning thistles. A general discussion on dialects then followed.  It seems we may loose many of our regional accents as schools encourage proper pronunciation.

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  1. I would love to get in touch with Graeme Smith reference his metal detector finds. Anyone know how to contact him, or can pass my contact information on?
    Many thanks