Detecting Talk on the 15th Sept

This is not to be missed!!!


A journey through time with artefacts from Feniton & surrounding area.
You will be able to handle, examine & make comments on mainly metal detecting finds starting with worked flints from
Colesworthy Farm, Larkbeare & Escot.
Other items include:-
Escot in the Bronze Age
A very unusual find from Roman Britain
Evidence of a Mediaeval Fayre site at Fairmile
A sword chape from the Battle of Fenny Bridges 1549
A rare Blacksmith's palm guard
A Silver Penny of Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) 1189-1199 found at Honiton
Silver coins from Edward I 1272-1307, Elizabeth I 1558-1603, Charles I 1625-1649
Many other miscellaneous items e.g. musket balls, buckles, buttons etc.

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