Feniton History Group 30th Meeting

This meeting was dominated by arranging the Art Fund Event display. The research is going well, albeit rather confusing as the census and the Street Directories very rarely gave the property address! It seems that Court Barton and the adjoining house, Thorn Cottage, were part of each other at varying times.
An interesting point is the rear of Court Barton is over part of Thorn, and this is known as a flying freehold.
Brenda has researched one of  the boys in the postcard, shown below, Bert Harris, and his family.

The message on the reverse of the card

The meeting had a debate about the failures of the modern railways!!! The evening was rounded off with Alan reading the "Devonshire Alphabet" It was enjoyed by all. Thank you Alan.
Date of the next meeting in the Nog Inn  Thurs. 12th July.

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