Feniton History Group 37th Meeting

It was good to see everyone, after missing last month, but, being laid up with flu did enable me to cheer myself up by using the internet and finding some interesting snippets!! I hope I did not bore you all with it!!

I have  a list of early names relating to the village for taxation:

                FYNTON Lay Subsidy of 1332
                John atte Wode  12d
                Richard de Coklyscomb 12d
                Henry de Caulesworthi  18d
                William Wallyng  8d
                John le Cok   9d
                John atte Brok`   12d
                Geoffrey Malherbe  3s
                John Metyeve  12d
                Alice de Silly  12d
                John de Bercomb  12d
                Jordan de Coklescomb  10d
                Henry atte Brok`   2s
                John Lambard 12d .

Thank you Elizabeth Howard for this. Thrilled to read of Henry de Caulesworthi. It also gives a date to mark for Geoffrey Malherbe.

Graeme Smith shared with me his thoughts on the find of trading weights and coins at Fairmile, causing much thought as to the name and also the re alignment of the road and drive to Escot House. Alan had good knowledge of the roads. This would be worth researching further, with Ottery Heritage.

Geoff mentioned the Time Team program regarding the de Ferrers family of Oakham in Rutland, the coat of arms there also contain horse shoes, they have six, while the Feniton family had three!!

David raised a very interesting point as to the carvings on the pew ends, one seems to have the shield upside down, and we pondered as to the reason for this. The alter table is also made up from pew ends taken, perhaps from the Melanesian Chapel.

David told us that the pierced hole in the shield is called a bouche , this being where the Knight's lance or spear would fit. The heraldic description is " party per pale" .

Please bring along all your questions and findings to the next meeting on Thurs. 14th March in the Nog at 8pm,  we will need to  plan the proposed Family History coffee morning or even the day, plans for the April Meeting in the church with Tom Coleman, book a visit to Whimple Heritage and Fursdon House.

Below are the photos  of the pew ends in the church, spot the differences!!! 

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