East Devon Farmhouses 39th Meeting

Instead of our normal monthly meeting we met in the Church for a Slideshow and Talk with Mr. Tom Coleman.

Thank everyone for all their help on the night, with the raffle prizes, dealing with the door  and in the kitchen,
making last night such a fascinating evening.

Also thank you to David for making the church ready.

I must also pass on our many thanks to Bill for his donation of the speaker's fee.

Total raised £100.22.

Tom took us on  a pictorial journey from dwelling in caves through to the Victorian age. Describing building techniques and how the open hearth in the middle of the Hall moved to the side of the room under a chimney.
The livestock living in the lower side of the cross passage while the family lived in the higher side, then the cattle moved out into farm buildings and the empty room became the dairy and store, floors were put in with staircases to reach the upper rooms.
Huge chimney stacks were added to show status, along with porches and out shuts at the back for general storage. Wings were added for the servants and other family members.

I know I will look with a keener eye at old houses in our villages and when out and about. Thank you Tom.

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