Feniton History Group 44th Meeting

This was a planning meeting to discuss changing the monthly meeting at the request of prospective new members, as they could not make the 3rd Thursday.  We agreed on the 1st Thursday.

The very successful evening with Jenny's  Uprising PowerPoint has received a very good response. Following on from this Jenny hopes to arrange a 2nd showing with a walk to and from the battlefield with the Civil War Society next year which we will host.

I will run some more Genealogy afternoons at the farm and perhaps another similar afternoon in the church next year.

A possible idea for the future is to build up a sequence of maps across the years. I have spoken to JM Kennaway and he will be pleased to show us the estate maps. which would cover the area  around Sidmouth  Junction.

Bill showed us some beautiful carvings he is replicating.

Geoff spoke of the wonderful oral project undertaken by the Blackdown Hill AONB in regard to the Wartime Memories of airman and locals around Dunkeswell Airfield.  I will show their DVD at our next meeting. the Website  is   http://www.dunkeswellwarstories.com/

Brenda told us about the first council houses in the village in the Sidmouth Junction area. They were built in the 1920s as "Homes for Heroes". Honiton Rural District Council asked the parish council to choose the applicants to live there. Tom Copp was the first occupier.  

Sad to hear from Geoff of the cuts to the Devon Record Office cuts, but the parish registers are due to be published in line through Find My Part.

2014 is designated to commemorate WW1, we will to hear what the County plans are before we decide what action to take on this.

The above was interspersed with the Planning Inquiry for new houses in the village!!!!  A very hot topic in the village at the moment.
If you wish to find out more about this use the parish council website: http://fenitonparishcouncil.wordpress.com/

This just leaves me to thank you all for your support and wish you A very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Next Meeting will be in The Nog Inn on Thurs. 6th Feb 2014 at 8 pm.


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