Feniton History Group 47th Meeting

David asked us to help in some way with a fund raising event in aid of Melanesia, this was agreed, the format for this to be decided in due course.

We had a good natter about WW1.

Geoff kindly offered to look at a more useful format taken from the spreadsheet template of notes I have made so then we can printout a booklet for the church or to sell. Brenda took on the task of checking the 1911 census for men who may have been called up for service.

Geoff suggested we need to check the wartime copies of the Pulman's newspaper, held in the Somerset Heritage collection for more on the volunteers and snippets of news from our area at that time. Another thing we need to check is the absent voters list, compiled for the 1916 election.

The Deanery Magazine of the time would have carried some useful paragraphs, but sadly the copies in Honiton Museum are later. 

Alan mentioned his father Walter Powell served during the war, and I have been able to find his war service on the internet.

It was sad and thoughtful evening, talking about the loss and suffering, also the animals used, went through the same trauma.

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