Feniton History Group 50th Meeting

David asked for our help with the WW1 Commemoration Service to be held at 11am on Sunday 3rd August.
This was agreed. If anyone has anything to help with the board display that would be much appreciated. Can you help with putting up the display please on Saturday 2nd at 2:30 ?
Brenda mentioned that Ottery Heritage will have a WW1 exhibition in the Old Boys School from the 15th to 20th July.

George told us about his experience of walking the parish boundary, with a view to hold a beating of the bounds event next April at Rogationtide, 25th April. He explained that in parts it is a difficult walk and the lanes make it rather unsafe, also the distance is more than many could manage in a day. So it was decided to plan a walk from the Pumping Station in Campfield, up to Tower Hill, down to the River Tale and along to Talewater and back to the village by the Talaton Road. Thank you George for all the effort you have taken.
George is a keen walker and will put the parish on the map for other Geocachers to follow.
I have contacted Ottery Heritage who are very keen to be involved.

Following my finding a mention of Hayes Manor, partly in Feniton and partly Talaton it is thought to take in  the area of Talewater. The Wright family farmed Talewater Farm and are mentioned in some deeds along with the name Radcliffe. There is Radcliffe House on the right between Talaton and Clyst Hydon at Aunke, but the current house is too late to be linked to the Hayes Manor? Another name in the deeds is English. The Manor was sold to Sir George Yonge, then to the Kennaways and became part of the Escot estate.
Thank you Roger for your help is looking this up. Alan tells us he came across mentions of it in Mr. Yates files in Honiton Museum, so must pop in there and check it.

With Jo we looked at the Tithe map to find mentions of field names and the Drang Path her relative mentions in his notes on Feniton History. The Drang path must have ran through Feniton Court to Sowton on the Buckerell road. Thank you Jo that was an interesting exercise.

David told us about a contact he has had from someone asking about the Rumbold family from Colestocks, sadly the headstone in the churchyard has been defaced and it is intriguing as to why.   It looks like it was deliberately done and not just random vandalism. 

Next meeting on Thursday 7th August in the Nog Inn. 

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