Feniton History Group held the 73rd meeting in the Nog Inn

During the afternoon meeting to look at the map website in relation to Feniton, we found it rather sparse on detail and hard to locate a format for data entry, so we have decided to see how it develops and look at it again next year.

Geoff is busy with his volunteer role at the Devon Heritage Centre, this time cataloguing railway documents, one item was staff movement books, he looked for staff local to Feniton, but none found.

The Topsham branch line was mentioned more can be found at this link:

It is suggested that we have a summer outing and walk using the train.

We spoke of the fire at the Royal Clarence and Bob explained how the roof and wall voids allowed the heat and fire to spread from the gallery across to the hotel.

The next discussion was very timely it being Remembrance Tide. Many of our armed forces were awarded medals for their service, though many deserving soldiers missed out due to being on duties not recognised as deserving an award.

In WW1 medals were only given for overseas service. The Battle of Britain flyers also went without while based in the UK, Churchill said that giving medals to all would devalue the status.  More information from this link:

Medals are still being awarded for WW2. The Women’s Land Army have only recently been recognised and the French government has been awarding the L├ęgion d’honneur to D-Day veterans from many different countries for several years, as a way of honouring and thanking those who fought and risked their lives to secure France’s liberation during the Second World War. The Arctic Star is a military campaign medal which was instituted by the United Kingdom on 19 December 2012 for award to subjects of the British Commonwealth for service in the Second World War, specifically those who served on the Arctic Convoys north of the Arctic Circle

Next meeting will be in the Nog Inn 8pm on Thursday 1st December.

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