Feniton History Group held the 77th Meeting in the Nog Inn

 Fascinating evening, which I kicked off with my visit to Hampshire, to Old Portsmouth and the SeaCity Museum in Southampton, we discussed the Titanic story and the new evidence of the coal bunker fire which may have cause weakness in the plates.  Googling this brings up so many conspiracy theories, I doubt the truth will ever be found.

David has been in contact with a member of a family in relation to a grave in the churchyard, from this contact David now has some wonderful diaries to transcribe, notes about the farm work and his lady friends, fascinating and a real insight in to rural life of the day.  We look forward to reading David’s transcript. 

 George is still working on Nonconformist Chapels.  I have his latest research to share with you via a Word document. He told us about the acts to stop non-conformist preaching, the     5 mile act which led to persecution and excommunication.

Jenny brought along her family history research, which she had been working on for the last twenty years and is now in book form with pull out pages showing the family trees. A wonderful effort, and with Jenny’s wonderful way with words it is very interesting.

Brenda told us more of her work on the Parr Cottages, Joseph Chown renovated them,  taking the thatch off in 1880. The Rashleigh family were the owners, they had links to Cornwall and Charlestown. The full research is being published in the Parish Magazine.

Alan  kindly brought along the railway photos for display at the Railway AGM in Nog Inn at 10:30 till mid afternoon on Sat 18th March. People are welcome to drop in and see the display.

 We have the talk on Church Screens in the church on Thurs 20th April church  at 7:30 pm

Following on from the Boundary walk we all enjoyed last year, George has kindly offered to find a route for us via Green Lane walking down towards the A30  and back towards the old village. This will be on Rogation Sunday which falls on Sunday 21st May this year.  

Robert Neal of OSM Heritage has  kindly invited the Group to join  them at 8:00 pm Tues 20th June  to mark  the Beeching axe closing the Sidmouth Junction to Sidmouth Line. This will be a showing of the BBC film 'The Train Now Departing'

Next meeting in the Nog Inn 8pm on Thurs 6th April.

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