Feniton History Group held the 80th Meeting in the Nog Inn

We have received a thank you from the Train Group  for whom we did the display for their AGM.

Very pleased to have Margaret from Whimple History Society join us this evening. Margaret has passed an auction sale catalogue of Brig. Acland’s dairy cattle sale to the Group. Also, we have accepted her invitation to visit their Museum and take a guided walk around the village. We will also share our events across the two groups, as we do with Ottery. Thank you, Margaret. http://www.whimple.org

George, Colin and I and our dogs had a lovely afternoon’s walk on Rogation Sunday, we walked the path by Beechwood Farm down to the steps by the new A30 and back through the village to Green Lane. The views from the path are wonderful across Ottery to the hills behind. Thanks to George for sorting out the route.

We hear from David that he has made good progress on transcribing the war time diaries and would like to share them with us in due course.

My Mother in Law mentioned to me that during her school days, Oak Apple Day which was celebrated on 29th May by the wearing of Oak Leaves, this tradition marked the birth of Charles II.

I went  to an event in the Devon Record Office, now called Devon Heritage, this was to mark the establishment of the Devon Manorial Register, which launched on 15th May  via The National Archives at Kew and their Discovery website.
This is the link:

This just a finding aid, you must take note of the references and visit of contact the repository.   You have the following search options: NSearch by manor, parish, county and record office.

 Jackie and Bob went to Cadhay open day and learnt about Samuel Coleridge, he went to school aged 9 by himself on the stage coach to London.
This links gives more detail:

We discussed Blacksmiths in the area,  Huxtable and Heals at Fairmile, the group recalled smithys at Colestocks , Fenny Bridges and Payhembury. This website lists known Devon Smiths: http://blacksmiths.mygenwebs.com/index.php

Bob has bought a couple more medals, one from the 1911 /17 Revolution in Mexico, the battle there was the last time the Stars and Stripes were seen on the battlefield.

Bob also mentioned the Boxer Rebellion:

Bob also told us about this wonderful woman, Flora Sandes, she fought alongside  the Serbian Troops:

Margaret  told us of the Land Army and Lumber Jill's memorial located at the National Memorial Arboretum. The Farm Women's Union  helped to raised funds.

Some of the Land Girls married local men and farmers, there was a Hostel at Whimple, where they lived while doing their basic training on the Whiteways Farm.

Jenny is working with Battle Fields Trust to get the Site of the 1549 Battle at Fenny Bridges   recognised by English Heritage, she is helping design an information board or stand. This would go, perhaps with agreement of parties involved, on the wall by the Village Hall, or free standing in the car park? The Trust would be looking at a cost of £800 for the wall or on legs £1,500. The funds to be funded pound for each pound raised locally.

Jenny is looking for a picture of a likeness of a soldier or Peasant of the time. Bob suggested contacting one of the enactment groups who stage events in the dress of the time.

Alan read us a poem by the Late Nelson Owen on growing old, in the Devon Dialect, it was wonderful here the dialect spoken by a Devon Man.  Nelson was a well known man in Ottery, responsible for setting off the canon on 5th Nov to mark the start of the Carnival and Tar Barrel day.

George has been walking the area where the Battle of Sedgemoor took place. He is surprised that this Battle is more famous than our Fenny Bridges one when so many more died here.

  George has also walked along part of the Pill Box Stop line, a military defence,

We asked Alan if he had ever worked at Whimple Station, he was the last rail employee to work there leading up to it becoming unmanned in October 1970.
 The rail staff would use the Fountain Inn and the management used the other one!

Not sure how this bit of gossip came about, but, Feniton was known as “Sin City” by the users of CB radios, I won’t elaborate further, in case it offends!!!

Bob who once worked as a postman told us about the confusion of similar place names and that Postcodes were often ignored at times!

Well another fascinating evening, many thanks to all.

Please note I have asked that we have out next meeting in September on Thursday 7th.

Hope you have a wonderful summer.

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