Feniton History Group held the 81st Meeting in the Nog Inn

I was late to the meeting, it was good to see you all in full swing without me!

Jenny was reading an article from the Pulman’s Weekly regarding the father of a baby, I missed the full details.

 Jenny also showed us a coin found in her late relative’s effects, a 350 AD emperor  magnentius after Constantine, to hold something of that age is amazing.

The main part of the meeting was taken up with the plans for an entertainment next month in the church, the Group have been asked to put together some scenes from the village history.

Some of our group are looking at the possibility of re printing Alan’s Booklet of walks around the Village, updating it with some historic additions to three of the walks.

We have the talk with Martin Howell on Thursday 19th October.

I have been told a steam train is coming through on the 23rd September about mid-morning.

David brought up the notes in the Yates file at Honiton Museum giving details of brickmaking at Colesworthy in 1599 and the “Great Wynd” that caused the damage that required the bricks, the nearest in time is the Storm of 1596 that affected the Spanish Armada, if anyone knows of a storm around the time before 1599 we would love to see the notes on it.

The next meeting will be in the Nog Inn on 5th October.  

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