Feniton History Group 41st meeting at The Nog Inn

We finalised the details of the Cream Tea afternoon, many thanks to all for their offers of help on the day.

Graeme Smith is joining us for the September meeting, Thurs. 12th,  in the Nog to update us on his  metal detecting and archaeology finds in the area.  

I have contact with Paul Dibbins regarding the Acland films, and waiting to hear from him as to fixing up a showing in the village. There is to be a private run through at Feniton Court with the BBC in attendance, but it will not be open to the public. I will make contact with him and fix up for October?

Oxford Archaeology have been working on the proposed building land behind the Youth Centre. I will attach their report to this email.

David has found an intriguing document written in Greek, Geoff is having a bash at translating it.

Brenda has been finding out more about the brother, Francis A. Murray, of the ladies who ran the school in Thorn Cottage, the newspaper archive on Find My Past is helping in this research. The articles seem rather over exaggerated at times, nothing new there!!! He died in 1846 an is buried in the churchyard.

Also the Newspapers have given Brenda and David a wonderful collection of articles and letters in the case of the Rev Head of Feniton, he was in dispute over his method of preaching and not teaching the catechism to the children. Rev Head was suspended for three years, and was given a triumphant welcome  on his return to the parish.  1829 to his death in 1860.

We also had a natter about the BBC program on the Tyndale bible, written in English, but banned by the Pope and the higher church, they did not want the population to read the bible, in about 1552.

Thank you all for such an interest evening.

Next meeting  Thurs 11th July 8:00 pm in the Nog.

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