Feniton History Group 42nd meeting at The Nog Inn

Jo came in with a leather case full of early parish magazines, all eagerly thumbed through, thank you Jo, a real treasure trove. I can see some snippets from these appearing in the magazine for a second time over the coming months. Jo also brought along some old trophies, Val claimed one for the Flower Show the others, perhaps could be put in the Sports club.
George is still working on the Greek document for David.
Val gave us an insight into printing, before the modern digital era, it was a skill to set up a page using each individual letter. I can feel another talk coming on Val  !!
Brenda is still pottering through the online newspapers and found a sad snippet regarding an inquest relating to a cycle accident near the tennis courts in 1934, Elizabeth Harris wife of the local Coachbuilder died after being hit by a cyclist.
David and Jo attended a talk on Exeter Cathedral, the speaker was very interesting, and it was decided that David would arrange a repeat in the Church in aid of Hospice Care.
We have asked if Jenny and George could put on the Fenny Bridges Battle for the October Meeting. Details nearer the time.

It was a fascinating evening, thank you all.

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