The 10th meeting at the Nog Inn on the 22 Jun 2010

We had a very lively meeting, so much enthusiasm!! 

Posters and program are now all in hand and nearly ready to go. Many thanks to all for your time and input.

The various research projects for display are going well. Feeling very excited about it all.

Brenda has some lovely Art Deco posters to put up in her “Platform Corner”.

The catering is all organised. Brenda has worked her magic on her chums!!

I have a rough layout of the room in my mind, just hope we have enough space, if not,  I will ask Mike if we can spill over into the pool room at the Nog. I want to thank Mike and Rose for hosting our meetings. Toilets will be available in the Nog.

Welcome to our new chums, Simon, Arnie and Brian.
Simon and Arnie are doing the advertising board prints outs, thank you. Brian has a wealth of knowledge of the trains.

The sign boards, I will bring them to the next meeting. The PC have asked that we don’t put them out on the green and at Patteson’s Cross until 48 hrs before the event.

Ann Payne is doing some notes on the Navvies. Thank you.

Alan’s book reprint is going ahead, very pleased to hear to that. Thank you to Alan and Val.

Chris Saunders has been approached by the South Western Circle (Train Group) to have a table display on the day. What do you all think?

Maureen has offered to display her father’s train driver uniform, thank you.

Thank you to Maggie and Brenda for providing some pictures for the children to colour in, so we will cater for all ages!!

We have been offered a place at Feniton Fun Day. Sun 4th July. I will set up at about 12:00. Love to see you all, if you have any bits and bobs to put on display, relevant to the village, we are not just about trains, hard to believe I know!!!!

Thrilled with all the enthusiasm and help from the team!!! Thank you all most sincerely.

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