The  9th meeting on  8 Jun 2010  at The Nog Inn.

This was a most enjoyable and positive evening, the programme is taking shape very well and I want to thank you all for all your efforts, wonderful.

Geoff, Colin and Chris. Saunders  have the printing of the programme all in hand and financed by the regulars in the pub!!! Wonderful.

Each individual projects are all hand and going well. Ann Payne is doing the Navvies History for us.

Adverts and mentions have been sent to as many parish magazines, events listing and local papers as I can find. The poster design to be discussed at the next meeting. Colouring sheets for the children to be printed out. Catering all in hand.

I have a set of signs for Patteson’s Cross and the green by the chapel, just need someone skilled to paint them!!

There is a bit of a debate as to who the preacher at the chapel was, Mr. Lilley or Mr. Miller, can anyone help with this?

Parking to be in the station car park. Toilets at the Nog Inn, thank you Mike.

It was lovely to hear all the memories being spoken about, we all wished we had a recorder to take a copy!!

This was such a useful evening we will hold all our meetings here.

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