The 5th meeting on 9th Mar 2010

The purpose of this meeting was to set up the 150th celebrations of the station anniversary. The group are keen to make this happen.

Date: This will be held on 18th July 2010.

Venues:  The Chapel, Nog Inn and the station car park. Nog Inn to be confirmed. Mike and Rosemary are interested in taking part. Sadly Rosemary is currently dealing with a death in her family, so will delay contacting her for awhile.

Alan gave us a wonderful introduction to the coming of the railway in East Devon. The only properties in the area before the railway were Skinners Cott, now Apple Trees and Sherwood Croft, which was situated where the station car park is. Pay days caused fights and riot. The workers camped along the line being constructed. So after the line coming to “Sherwood Cross” the area expanded.

The following members have agreed to take on the following roles:

Publicity:  Andy Thompson and Val Jones, Andy has already put pages on Facebook and Twitter, he just needs items to put up and to “Twitter” about! Val will help with the local press. Thank you for the logos Andy. Looking good.

Treasurer: Val Stringer, on the day it’s self. We have agreed to share any monies raised with the “Friends of St. Andrew’s Church and the chapel. I must confirm this with David that doing this will cover the event with the insurance held by the Church.

Publications: We have asked Alan to reprint his wonderful railway book to sell on the day as a commemorative issue.

Catering: Ask the Nog, if not ask the ploughing match caters to do it.

Road Safety: Brenda to speak to our local police officer.

Entertainment for the day:  Display in the Chapel, photos and maps, ask Geoff to help with the maps.
Run the CD and videos, must check if  i-fi available in the chapel. Also copyright to sort out.
A narrow gauge steam train set, this will cost about £250, with any takings slit 50 / 50 between the train owner and the event.
A competition for the best dressed Victorians on the day. Ask Rev. Cate to be judge. Raffle, Quiz etc.

Sad to say the proposed running of a steam train down the line on the 11th July has now been cancelled. So the 18th is the date we will stick to.

Sponsorship: Ask  South West Trains for a family train ticket, or to pay for the miniature stream train?

Co-ordinators:  Brenda and Chris Gibbins.

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