Clapper Close

This is the name of a field on the old part of the village. The Group had a question as to the derivation of the name. It is given as a medieval word in the OED.

It is a name used for the old stone slab bridges found on the moors in the South West. Did one take the road over the nearby Vine Stream? It is thought there was a sheep wash near the field at one time.

A tool used for bird scaring, similar to the “rattles” used at sports matches.

There is the Home Farm on the Escot Estate known as Clapperentale, the “Tale” part is the name of the river that runs through the farm and the estate. Did a “clapper bridge” exist near the farm?

Claper also is the term for a rabbit warren. Clapper of cronies, a heap of stones. Clapper Board House. Run like the clappers. Clapper in a bell, the church is nearby.

A lady called Miss Fry who ran the shop down Sandy Knapp.  She used to say that Clapper Close was not really Clapper Close but "a clap of crows".  It would make sense as there are always a lot of crows around.

Love to hear any other ideas.

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