The  8th meeting on 19 May 2010.

We met, firstly at the Chapel. It was a worthwhile visit, and we are very pleased with the venue. We met Danny, who was most helpful. The kitchen is very adequate and Brenda is to ask around for help with serving coffee, teas and salad rolls from there on the day. The screen and a projector will be available for us on the day.  But as this is rather dominate in the room, we think we may use a laptop to run the DVD, and the best bit is that the Chapel has a licence to run film and video, so we may be able to show the BBC video of the Station from the series “The train now departing” without paying a copyright fee.

The plans are shaping up well. Alan is hoping with Val Jones’ help to be able to re- publish his book. We have had promises of memories about the “Railway Hotel” and the station to write up and display. Alan will display his wonderful photos.

Brenda is working on the Railway staff families from the census. We also will have old newspaper articles, bits about the station and it’s architecture and the navvies who built the line. Geoff to do some maps of the line, before and after.

The Nog Inn, Rose has a scrapbook for us to display, other than this, with the Chapel answering all out needs, it is thought we will not need another space.

Car park at the Station, must check this with Alex. Signage for the day. Ask Fenny Signs.

Alan to ask if Mr Peter Tasker would be able to pass on his thoughts about the re-opening of the line.

We will need a few more raffle prizes, no alcohol please.

Chris Saunders has worked out the programme layout. Chris Gibbins to see the local businesses to ask for an advert in the programme, or sponsorship, Spar, Pizza Express, Hairdressers, Spence Excavations, etc.

We need to be ready to place adverts in all our local papers, parish magazines, BBC, TV, radio and What‘s on Listings. This will need to be done before mid June. Chris Gibbins to do this.

We will need volunteers for the day, the sales and admission table, raffle, the food etc.

The chapel is covered by insurance as a public building. The Church insures need a resume of the day and a “Risk Assessment”.

So all in all coming along very well. Thanks to the team for their support.

Does anybody know when the cottages adjoining the Chapel were built? What came first, chapel or the cottages,  also Sherwood Villa, how old would this be?

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