The 7th meeting 27 Apr 2010.

Brenda is setting up a small platform display of cases, trunks etc. in the Chapel.
We need some notes on the Chapel history. It seems to have had various names. Can anyone help with this?

Chris. Saunders to ask Bradfords, formerly Miller & Lilley to sponsor the event.

The programme to have a lucky number, the prize being a SW Train  ticket. The charge for the programme to be £1.00.  We have to think about how many print, a 100 has been suggested. Val is looking into the cost of this. Admission £2.00, no charge for children.

Ian Hey publisher of Branch Line Videos has offered us the chance to sell the local title,asked him to send 25 copies, he has also offered one copy as a prize. Escot has given us a family ticket to use as a prize. The raffle and any sales we may want to make will be best done at the Nog Inn, if Rose and Mike are happy with this. The Baptists do not look favourably on this taking place in the Chapel. Danny has said that he would let this slide, but it would give the Nog a role on the day. 
The Chapel Trustees are pushing for the sale of the chapel to go ahead this summer, Danny is holding them off until after our event. Danny will still be part of the village community, but using the Youth Centre. So the share of any monies raised for the Chapel could be put to this end.

Advertising, Val to quote for 50 posters and100 flyers. I will send it to the local free papers and Val will do something for the Express & Echo. Also must contact Andy as give him an article to put on the website, and Facebook etc. I have booked display boards from Honiton Museum, but we will need more, can anyone help with this?

Julie Ann, from Feniton Fun Day has asked if we would like a “presence” at the event to promote the History Group and the Event. Any thoughts on this? No charge to us.

I have had a lovely chat with Frances Spence, ex land lady of the Nog Inn [The Railway Hotel] she is thrilled to be asked for her memories of life at the Nog. So with Rose’s kind offer of her scrapbook we have made a good start here.
I hope I have remembered everything!!

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