The 12th meeting at the Nog Inn on the 21 Sep 2010. 

The meeting, albeit a small one went very well and we are very pleased to welcome three new members, Pam, Bill and George.

The coffee morning was discussed, So many said they were sorry to miss the July event so the idea of repeating the display was adopted.

We meet at the Village Hall at 9:15 am to set up. Alan asked if we had a room full of people that we could keep the event open for longer. This was agreed.

This is on Sat. 25th Sept. Cakes most welcome. No charges, just donations.

The general discussion ebbed and flowed on various topics, all very interesting.

The Battle of Fenny Meade.
St Anne’s Chapel.
The age and use of Sherwood Villa as stabling for horses in relation to the railway.
Castle Hill near Fenny Bridges, it’s age and archaeology.
The bungalow known as “Chequers and the Railway Cottages overlooking Camp Field.

The new members would like to see older maps of the village to understand the locations we talk about.

Books written about the village were asked about, Mr. Chown and Alan’s are the known ones, there is also “A Village in Olden Days”. I must scan in a copy of that to share. I have also scanned a copy of Peter Acland’s personal biography from a copy given to Mrs Myrtle Cumin of Feniton Court, in fear that this may be the only copy.

The hymn tune “Feniton” and how it came to be written? And is there one called “Escot”?

An Archive for the village, the chapel is still thought to be worth saving for the village, so we will and try and find out more ways to do this, if possible. Val mentioned a small store room in the village hall that may be a possibility, more to be found out about this. 

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