The 6th meeting on 6th April 2010.

Barclays will match fund monies raised in a “proper” ticketed raffle, i.e. numbered and promoted.
Need to contact South West Trains.
The SWT magazine “ e-motion” is no longer published
Need to ask the traders around the Crossing about sponsorship

Alan is to talk over the feasibility of this with Val, as to costs, updates to text, and size of print run.

The mobile canteen is fully booked until the autumn with gymkhanas and the like. So how about tea / coffee and cakes in the Nog Inn?  Ask the ladies of the Inn to help with this. Please Geoff?

This has been arranged with the help of David via the Church. Need to check that the Chapel and Nog Inn have 3rd party cover.

Live Steam 
Brian Payne, has anyone contacted him yet? I can’t find him in the phone book. Jo or David please.

This will contain the display: Alan’s photos, railway maps, family histories, the DVD of the branch line will be shown, old timetables etc. Anything we can lay our hands on. The architect who designed the old station building, I will do some work on him, Sir William Tite.
History of the LSWR. This website has an a wonderful page on Whimple, sadly not Feniton, have emailed the web designer,  David Glasspool, have, to date not had a reply.

Display boards have been organised with Honiton Museum and Geoff

The chapel is set to close after this event, so it would be fitting to mark the history of this building.
A “room  raffle”  Some ideas required for this section.

We also need to have a bit of history on display of the Nog Inn , The Railway Hotel back then. Can anyone help with this?

Chris Saunders has kindly come up with a prototype for us. We had a discussion about charging for admission, and how much, the cost of the programme etc.  Would welcome your thoughts on this.

Other notes
We will need posters and flyers. Contact local press and radio and any Event listings we know of.
Find a copy of a Poem by Roy Packer, anyone know of this?
Brenda to ask about the school children taking part in some way.

The head Colin Butler who says he thinks the timetable is quite full for this term, that Year 6 have 'done' Victorians, but would see if they had any work that might be appropriate. I don't hold out much hope. 

Brenda will also represent the Group at the Parish Council meeting on 12th April.

The Yates Archive.
As the Museum is now open for it’s summer season it has been decided that we visit there on an individual basis until the autumn. 
Battlefield Society

The churchwarden for Buckerell rang me regarding the Battle and Fenny Mead, Brenda is kindly dealing with this for me.

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