The 18th meeting on 17th Mar 2011 at the Nog Inn

Many thanks to the folk who came on parade.  It was a good event Pam, thank you. The photos were run the lap top. If anyone wants copies give me a shout.
The Rev. Danny : Has asked us to be custodian of the old chapel sign board, I have yet to collect this . Brian Stork has kindly said he will look at the repairs it needs. Thanks Brian.
Jenny, while in the Museum raised a query as to what Mocaden is, it is a light woollen fabric used for under garments.
The canon at Feniton Court:    Yes it was on the front of Feniton Court,. The barrel was about 4 ft long and stood on a chassis with solid iron wheels. [John Bishop] It was presented to Beatrice Acland for her service during WW1 for setting up an Australian Field Hospital in Hertfordshire. Its whereabouts now are unknown.
Further to our discussions on bricks and brickyards, the white bricks used in the local houses built by Kennaway may have come from the seam of white ball clay runs across the county from Peters Marsland to Newton Abbot.  Escot house is of white brick , as is Long Park.
I was able to glean more about the Rev. Smith from the Crockfords Clerical Directory. He drove the last car up to Hembury Fort from Curscombe. [John Bishop], but Brain remembers driving a rally car up there in the 1970s!!
The Malherbe family talk, is now arranged for the  Fri 6th May in the church. Pam has very kindly taken on the publicity for this event. Please let all your friends and family know!
The second of our talks is about Cadaver Tombs, David is to confirm the date of this, more details next month. It will be a general talk lasting some 30 mins + Q & A.
Val Stringer would like a history article to place in the “Friends” Newsletter, ie one of the families. Any volunteers to set about this task please?
Leslie Alford of Payhembury   asked me about a  photo of football match in the 2008 display. Geoff has the display in his loft and will look it out in due course, thanks Geoff.
Sadly the two village websites have not seen any improvement, so George has kindly offered to carry on with this, despite his hard drive failing. Thank you George. I am to look into running a “Blog” for the group.
We  will discuss the display in the church at the next meeting, it will be good to have it up in time for the May talk. I have a set of display boards now for the Group’s use.
Alan entertained us with some very local dialect sayings from the villagers who coined them, Frank Gibbins, George Gear, Cyril Hill, this was of great interest and sparked a lively discussion. Thank you Alan.

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