The 16th meeting on 20th Jan 2011 at the Nog Inn.

Good to see everyone after the Christmas and New Year break. Welcome to Sylvia Harper, we hope you will be able to come again.

David and Val spoke about the plans for the church in March. The men who died in WW1 to be carved give them a roll of honour. 

There was a good response to ideas for our role the parade. Featuring the 1800s. We will need a placard or poster to carry on the day. Can someone come up with a design please?  Brenda suggested we brought along our chosen costumes to the next meeting. [17th Feb]

The Group will put up a table and may be a board display in the church over the weekend. [4th – 6th Mar] If you have anything to put on display please give us a rough idea of it at the next meeting, this is to gauge the space we need.  My thoughts are, the list of Rectors, the pew carvings, photos, the stain glass windows, the flood, churchwardens, church accounts etc.

The holes in the pew ends were for a “dickie seat” a servant would sit on the end of the Master’s pew.

Professor Gordon, a keen researcher of the Malherbe name will be giving a talk on his research in the church on the 6th May 2011 at 7:30pm. David is arranging this. I will arrange a visit to the Devon and Exeter Institution in June.  

George has been busy with the website design and is looking for files and photos to add. Thank you for taking this on for us. For ideas on this these sites are worth a look:

George  - the Rootsweb Organisation host websites, this link gives more detail.

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