The 14th meeting on 18 Nov 2010. 

David gave us an update on the progress at the church, all going as planned. Ideas for the use of the building with the new variable space. One being the provision of “Quiet Time”, something lacking in the hurly burly of life and a christening party may stay in the church for the tea afterwards.

The pew carvings of coats of arms are being researched, the quality of the carvings vary, those done by Mrs. Hart being the more amateur.

The plans for the re-opening on the 6th March, Pam asked for ideas of periods of local history to portray in the parade from the Nog Inn to the church. Suggestions were the 1877 restoration, the Fenny Mead Battle, farming, the railway, the chapel and the persecution of the clergy during the 1645 troubles.

The History Group has given up the plans to buy the Chapel for the village, it will be a burden to fund raise for and repair, the asking price is about £90,000, plus an estimate of £130,000 to repair it. Rev. Cate and David have kindly agreed that we can have a permanent display in the church.

Alan kindly followed on last month’s discussion of the Roman road through the area to Taunton. It ran from Daisymount past Larkbeare to Colestocks via Talewater and up past Hembury Fort. A steep hill for horses!! The state of the roads was better before the use of carts, when the transport was pack horse or sledge. The 17th C saw the stage coach come into use along with the associated coaching inns Colestocks House being one example. The 1720’s saw the introduction of carts and wagons on the roads.

During the war the “Exon Book”, part of the notes made to compile the Domesday was stored in the cellar of Feniton Court.

The Lytch Gate at the church is the village memorial for the fallen in WWW1. To help the school children understand this we are to research the soldiers’ names.

The thoughts of how to handle all the notes and research we have gleaned were aired. A book was thought to be too big a project and it would be better to put together small chapters to sell and then perhaps collate into a full size book at a later date.

Geoff has set up a template so that the folk with laptops who work in the Museum can digitise the Baptisms from the Late Eric Yates files. This will be wonderful asset and will complete the set, as we already have the marriages and burials done by Geoff.

We are pleased to welcome two new members Denise and Michael Banks. 

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